Qixiang History

Nov, 1997. Ningxia Qixiang Biologic Foodstuff Co., Ltd. was registered in Zhongning County.

July, 1999. The first professional production line of fresh-keeping Goji Berry Juice in normal temperature in China,
established by the company’s independent intellectual property right, was put into pilot production.  

Jan, 2000. Our company was rewarded as the Agricultural Industrialized Leading Enterprise by Zhongning County
Party Committee and Zhongning County People’s Government.

May, 2001. We established 3000 mu pollution-free Goji Berry planting farm in Zhongning County.
Aug, 2001. Our company’s general manager (Wang Zigui) published the paper “the Production Technology Research 
about Fresh-keeping Goji Berry Juice in Normal Temperature” and the paper was included in the Proceedings of 
“Goji Berry and International Symposium on of Anti-aging Chinese Herbs”.

Oct, 2001. The fresh-keeping Goji Berry Juice in normal temperature, produced by company’s independent intellectual
property right, broke the closed area that Goji Berry Juice can’t storage in normal temperature. And 103 tons of Goji
Berry Juice was exported to the USA under the agent of Ningxia ShengXueRong Group.

Jun, 2002. The company’s general manager Mr. Wang Zigui was elected as the executive director by Ningxia Goji Berry

Mar. 2003. The company’s president Mr. Wang Zigui was elected as the executive director by China Food Science and 
Technology Academy. In the same month, independent scientific and technological achievement -“Production Process
of Fresh-keeping Goji Berry Juice in Normal Temperature” obtained 3rd Prize of Scientific & Technological Progress 
Award of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Sep, 2003. The Company passed the HACCP system verification in the first batch of Chinese juice companies, and
completed the FDA record registration.

Feb, 2004. The “Registration Certificate of the Place of Origin” for “QiXiangChun” brand Goji Berry series of products 
were approved by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic
of China.

Jul, 2004. The company expropriated land 30 mu and established a factory more than 6000 square meters in Zhongning
County, and independently technically improved and constructed China’s second generation production line of
fresh-keeping Goji Berry Juice in normal temperature. Meanwhile, we also built the first production line of Goji Berry Juice
Concentrate and exported 60 tons of Goji Berry Juice Concentrate to America in this year.

Sept, 2004. The company passed International Quality System Authentication of ISO9000, the new processes for fresh-keeping
Goji Berry Juice and Goji Berry Juice Concentrate in normal temperature passed HACCP system certification.

Apr, 2005. Our company’s president Mr. Wang Zigui, was absorbed as a senior member of China Food Science and Technology
Academy. In the same month, the company participated National Scientific and Technological Key Project “Ningxia Goji Berry New
Varieties and Deep Processing Technological Development”, while this project was awarded as the second prize of Scientific &
Technological Progress Award of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region .        

May, 2005. The company passed KOSHER certificate.

Nov, 2005. Scientific and technological achievement project “Goji Berry New Varieties Breeding and Matching Technology Research 
and Application”, jointly implemented by our company and Ningxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences, won the second prize of 
National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

Mar, 2006. The company’s independent scientific and technological achievement “Goji Berry Juice Concentrate Production Process 
Research” won the third prize of Scientific & Technological Progress Award of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional Government.

Nov, 2006. “The Magic Ningxia Goji” was published and issued. This book was compiled by the company’s president Mr. Wang Zigui 
using 5 years time, the English Version of which was translated by Qi Yun and Zhou Zhichao.

Mar, 2007. The company firstly created the mechanized and standardized cultivation model of 3 × 1 meter, and established 1000 mu
of organic Goji Berry planting farm in Zhongning, Ningixa.       

May, 2007. The company was named as the First Batch of “Agricultural Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise” by Ningxia Hui
Autonomous Regional Government.

Jun, 2007. The third generation 200kg large bags of aseptic cold filling, full automated professional production line of fresh-keeping
Goji Berry Juice and Goji Berry Juice Concentrate in normal temperature, technically improved and constructed by the company
independently, was completed and put into operation.

Nov, 2007. The company’s president Mr. Wang Zigui, was recommended as the Tenth Standing Committee Member, Zhonning County
of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Jan, 2008. The company’s president Mr. Wang Zigui, was awarded as “2007 Enterprise Management Innovation Entrepreneur
Achievement Award" by China Academy of Management Science.

Jun, 2008. Our company’s production process of Goji Berry spray powder(independently researched and developed) was succeed and
massively produced. In the same month, the extraction process of Goji Berry polysaccharide was succeed and pilot produced.  

Nov, 2008. Compiled by Wang Zigui et al. ”The Green Goji Standardized Production Technology”, was published and issued.

Feb, 2009. The company’s 10, 000 square meters landmark, office and business building was completed.

Aug, 2010. The company paid transferred the technological achievements of Ningxia Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Science. And
produced the biological pesticides 6 tons for the first time by using the local herbs.

Nov, 2010. The scientific research achievement project our company participated, “Organic Goji Trees Care and Pest Sustainable Control
Research and Demonstration”, obtained the first prize of Scientific & Technological Progress Award of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional 

Jun, 2011. “Zhongning Goji Berry Technology Innovation Center” established by Our company, was named as the “Goji Berry(Zhongning)
Technology Innovation Center” by Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department

Dec, 2012. The company’s president Mr. Wang Zigui, published the paper “From Fresh, Promote the Development of Ningxia Goji Industry”.
The paper was included in the Proceedings of “China Cancer Research Foundation the Third Fresh Herbs Symposium”.

Jan, 2013. The company’s Organic Goji Standardized Demonstration Farm was named as “Ningxia Modern Agriculture Demonstration
Farm” by Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional Government.

Apr, 2013. We explored wasteland and invested to build 5000 mu standardized organic Goji Berry planting farm in XiaoYanchi, Mingsha town 
Zhongning County.

May, 2013. For the first time, we successfully modified Qixiang Brand 3WP-1000-A3 trailed Goji sprayer and Qixiang Brand high-capacity Goji
fertilizer machine”.  

Apr, 2014. Our company has been named “Technology-based Small Medium Enterprise” by Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Science and
Technology Department and Economic and Information Commission.

July, 2014. The first professional production line of Clarified Goji Berry Juice in China, established by the company’s independent intellectual
property right, was put into production.  

May, 2015. Company’s independent intellectual property right “Process Study on High Speed Centrifuged Production of Clarified Goji Berry
Juice” passed the Science and Technology Achievement Appraisal of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. 
  1. Qixiang is a wolfberry products processing manufucturer with 12,800 ha of organic wolfberry plantation. The current products of Qixiang Company are Goji Berry Juice, Clarified Goji Berry Juice, Organic Dried Goji Berry, Goji Berry Juice Concentrate, Goji Berry Powder, Goji Polysaccharide, Goji Seed Oil, Goji Berry Juice Drinks and other products(in 5 classes of Goods, about 20 specifications). If you need to customize or purchase, please give us a message, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

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