The medicine use of goji and goji products(I)

The medicine use of goji and goji products(I)

Every part of goji is treasure. goji fruit, leaves, roots are all rich in essential nutrients.
From ancient time to present, it has been developed and utilized by human. 
Medicine use
Goji is expensive Chinese herbal medicines. After the goji was recorded as elegant
medical materials in the Shennong's Classic of Materia Medica (Shennong Bencaojing),
there recorded detailedly the function of medicine and health in 'Bencao' puclished at
every Dynasty. The following is the the traditional goji major efficacy study. 
The functions of goji fruit: First, nourishing Yin, tonifying Yang, longevity. Second, as a
nourishing tonic goji mainly for frail, Qi Deficiency, blood loss caused by overwork and as
a benefit of goods to the elderly.

Third, as therapeutic agents of chronic disease on liverand kidney, including the types of
deficiency of kidney Jing,  liver-Yang hyperactivity,deficiecny of liver-Yin, deficiecny of liver
and kidney.
The functions of goji leaves (Days Fine Herb): filling five lesions and seven injuries,
eliminating pyretic toxicity, clearing off raspberrylike sores.

The tea made by goji leaves can quench one's thirst, clear off fantod, eliminate the coke
cardiopulmonary cough.
The root bark of goji tree (cortex lycii radicis) have the function of eliminating adynamic fever
of liver and kidney, treating V evil fever, hematemesis, discharge blood, cough, muscle heat
and abnormal sweating due to general debility.

------Excerpt from The Magic Ningxia Goji(edited by Ningxia Qixiang chairman, Wang Zi Gui and CEO Wang Xin).
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