Clarified Goji Berry Juice Concentrate(brix 45%) customization & wholesale

Clarified Goji Berry Juice Concentrate(brix 45%) customization & wholesale

Clarified Goji Berry Juice Concentrate (brix 45%)


Clarified goji berry juice concentrate(wolfberry juice

Clarified goji berry juice concentrate description:

Chinese clarified goji berry juice concentrate is a kind of orange liquid with nutritious. 
Clarified goji berry juice concentrate contains adequate carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and other ingredients. 
These ingredients are good for the kidney, liver and eyes. 

Qixiang goji berries plantation is located in Ningxia, China, the suitable place for growing Chinese wolfberry.
Plantation grows organic goji berries in a scientific way.
Planting of goji berries is difficult, Qixiang Biologic Foodstuff Co., Ltd insists on goji berries planting research.
We use fresh, well-preserved Chinese wolfberry to make juice, also, the processing technology of goji berry juicing is constantly researched and updated.
Qixiang clarified goji berry juice concentrate used own patented technologies of Fresh at room temperature and 18 months Shelf life without preservatives.

Business Description & Services:

Qixiang is a manufacturer & supplier of clarified goji berry juice concentrate in Ningxia, China. As the largest processing base of Chinese wolfberry products, Qixiang owns 12,800 ha of organic wolfberry plantation and the goji berry fruit extract processing plant.
The company owns 5 patents in medlar products processing, and obtained HACCP certification, BRC certification, EU organic certification, USDA organic certification, HALAL certification, KOSHER certification, ISO 9001 certification, ISO 22000 certification and others certification successively.
Qixiangclarified goji berry juice concentrate have been sold to many countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania. Qixiang have formed good cooperative relations with many overseas laboratories and Beverage industry leaders
such as Coca-Cola and Mengniu.
The company CEO's book The Magic Ningxia Goji has been translated into English, Spanish and other languages, and is sold to more than 50 countries and regions.
If you want to customize or wholesale wolfberry powder, please contact us by email: or phone: +8618809600747, you can also contact us through the contact page of the product page.
If you are the wolfberry product research staff, can also communicate and exchange ideas with us. Qixiang always welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and guidance, thank you. 

Patents & certification:

Product Specification:

Specification of Clarified Goji Berry Juice Concentrate
Product description Clarified Goji Berry Juice Concentrate
Appearance Deep Orange or orange red color pulp, no seed.
Physics & Chemical Characteristic
Brix(%) ≥45
Total Acid (g/100mL as Citric Acid)            ≥0.8
PH          3.5 - 4.5
Microorganism Characteristics
TPC(CFU/mL)             ≤100
Yeast(CFU/mL)             ≤100
Mould (CFU/mL)             ≤100
Coliform (CFU/mL)            ≤10
Staphylococcus Aureus (CFU/mL)             ND
Salmonella (CFU/mL)             ND
Shigella(CFU/mL)             ND
Additive Add Citric acid and Vitamin C, do not add preservative.
Note No any preservative
200kgs or 25kgs in aseptic bag with inner liner bag in steel drum.
Net weight 200kgs, gross weight 220kgs, Drum Size: φ60cm× h89cm, A 20’ container can be filled 72 drums and net weight is
14.4 tons, A 40’ container can be filled 126 drums and net weight is 25.2 tons.
Net weight 25kgs, gross weight 27kgs, Drum Size: φ 30cm × h44cm.A 20’  container can be filled 480 drums and net weight is
12.0 tons, A 40’ container can be filled 960 drums and net weight is 24.0 tons.
Storage 18 months in normal temperature.Suggest that 5 to 8℃ refrigerated
Harvest season Pick fresh goji berry from middle of June to the end of July in summer, also from middle of September to the end of October in autumn.

  1. Qixiang is a wolfberry products processing manufucturer with 12,800 ha of organic wolfberry plantation. The current products of Qixiang Company are Goji Berry Juice, Clarified Goji Berry Juice, Organic Dried Goji Berry, Goji Berry Juice Concentrate, Goji Berry Powder, Goji Polysaccharide, Goji Seed Oil, Goji Berry Juice Drinks and other products(in 5 classes of Goods, about 20 specifications). If you need to customize or purchase, please give us a message, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

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