Botanical characteristic of goji

Botanical characteristic of goji

According to Lu An-min, Goji: shrub or small arbor by artificial cultivation or pruning, with a height of 0.8-2m
and a diameter of 10-20cm; dense stems and in wild growth, they are unfolding and slightly inclines
upwards or are bow-shaped and the canopy is mostly round in shape, grayish white or grayish yellow, smooth
and with some luster, small leafless thorns and long thorns with leaves and flowers.

Leaves form on the shooteither in an alternating arrangement or in bundles, each having a shape that is either
lanceolate or ovate, withblunted or round tips and a cuniform base , 2-3cm long and 4-6mm wide, under artificial
cultivation, leaf dimensions are 12cm long by 1.5-2cm wide, a bit fleshy and no distinct veins. 1-2 flower in long
stems and occurring in axils and 2-6 flowers in short stems and in clusters; the pedicel is 1-2cm long and thickens
gradually upwards.

The calyx is 4-5mm long , bell-shaped and usually consists of 2 lobes, with small pointed tips or 2-3 teeth-shaped
lobes on top; the corolla are lavender, funnel-shaped and with a tube of 8-10mm in length and broadens from the
bottom to the top, clearly longer than the lobes, the lobes are 5-6mm long, ovate, round and blunted on the top and
with ears at the base and no brim hairs and leveling off when in blossom; the stamens are The stamens are
structured with anthers that open length-wise, shorter in length than the filaments.

The berries are red and if under artificial cultivation sometimes are orange. The skin is fleshy and juicy, the shape
and size, due to long-term human cultivation, varies with the age and environment of plants, and it is elliptical, round,
ovate or nearly ball-shaped, pointed or frustum or sometimes depressed on the top , 8-20mm in length and 5-10mm in

Each contains over 20 seeds, which are a bit kidney-shaped, flat and brown yellowish and 2mm in length.

The flowering season is quite long, usually from May to October, which is accompanied by berry bearing, and berries
are plucked upon maturation and there are several times of maturation.

 ------Excerpt from The Magic Ningxia Goji(edited by Ningxia Qixiang chairman, Wang Zi Gui and CEO Wang Xin).
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